NØLSON is a Dutch menswear brand that focuses on timeless and high-quality garments for men. We refer to these garments as "men's basics." Our company is known for its minimalist designs and attention to detail. Furthermore, NØLSON is renowned for its traditional craftsmanship with a modern and sleek Scandinavian design. NØLSON offers a rich assortment of shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, and jackets in various styles and colors.


In early 2016, NØLSON encountered a problem: the lack of high-quality shirts available at an affordable price. A high-quality shirt often came with a hefty price tag of around €100. With keeping this in mind, NØLSON set out to create the perfect shirt for men, making it accessible for every man to wear a stylish yet comfortable outfit.


At NØLSON, our mission is to create the perfect products at an affordable price. We believe that every man should have the opportunity to look stylish without breaking the bank. By combining traditional craftsmanship with a modern and sleek Scandinavian design, NØLSON has successfully struck a balance between quality and affordability.

The craftsmanship that NØLSON stands for stems from the rich history of the textile industry. The brand collaborates with carefully selected factories with decades of experience producing high-quality garments. Every NØLSON product is crafted with the utmost care and attention, from the selection of the fabric to the final manual finishes. As a result, each NØLSON product is not only of high quality but also unique and made with love.

NØLSON's Scandinavian design is characterized by clean lines, minimalist details, and a timeless appeal. By focusing on quality and functionality rather than trends and fads, NØLSON's products remain timeless and relevant. Whether you're looking for an item for a business occasion, a casual Friday at the office, or a night out, NØLSON always offers an item that suits your style. "We got you!"


NØLSON's vision is to become one of the top 4 leading menswear brands in the Netherlands. Therefore, NØLSON invests every day in improving and innovating our supply chain, products, service, and brand experience.


NØLSON's journey began in 2016 when the company introduced its first item: the Stockholm cutaway shirt. Over the years, we have made great efforts to expand our range. We now have an assortment of 26 products, including shirts, sweaters, and this year we also introduced our first jacket.

What once started as a startup from Niek Koedam's student room has grown into a professional clothing brand. After the first few months, the company moved to a shared workspace on Singel, where NØLSON had a physical space to welcome customers.

NØLSON's first physical store was located at Flinkstraat 195, where the company was based for two years since 2018. Due to an increase in customers, popularity, and of course revenue, the company has grown into a well-known men's brand. Since July 1, 2020, NØLSON has been located at the vibrant Gerard Douplein, a popular location filled with great ambiance. We have no intention of leaving this place.

Popularity does not go unnoticed.


NØLSON has caught the attention of various media companies, confirming the brand's popularity. It is evident that NØLSON has managed to distinguish itself from other men's fashion brands in the Netherlands in recent years, leading to a growing interest in the brand. Several companies, including Quote, Man-Man, Textillia, Manners, and Fashion United, have written articles about NØLSON, praising its unique Scandinavian design combined with traditional craftsmanship. NØLSON is considered a professional men's brand with great potential for further growth.

Dutch Celebrities

NØLSON is for everyone with ambition and a "work hard, play hard" mentality! Among the artists who wear NØLSON are Kevin, Boef, Lil Kleine, Jonna Fraser, Antoon, Broederliefde, and Kaj van der Voort. In addition to these artists, NØLSON also dresses Valerio Zeno, Yuki Kempees, Juvat Westendorp, Jeffrey de Lange, Dani de Wit, Gijs Smal, Robin Pröpper, and Defano Holwijn. They all stylishly wear NØLSON products, and we are very proud of that. The fact that these celebrities choose NØLSON indicates that the brand is not only popular among the public but also among influential individuals in the entertainment industry.


Furthermore, NØLSON has had the opportunity to collaborate in the past with well-known brands, including Sony, Schmidt Optics, and Matt Sleeps. Within these collaborations, NØLSON has organized giveaways to surprise our customers with exciting prizes. Stay informed about all our giveaways by signing up for our newsletter and following our social media channels. NØLSON is always open to future collaborations. Don't hesitate and send an email directly to info@nolson.nl.


“Making Quality Affordable”

Meet the Team

Niek Koedam

Niek is the founder of NØLSON. He established the company in 2016 shortly after completing his studies. Niek has a background in entrepreneurship and eventually found his way to NØLSON. With NØLSON, he aims to demonstrate that traditional craftsmanship and modern design can go hand in hand and that quality doesn't have to be expensive. Through his vision and determination, NØLSON has developed into a well-known and beloved brand among men in the Netherlands and beyond.

“Chase your dream, while living the dream”


Janne ten Barge

Janne joined the company in 2018 and currently holds the "Deputy Director" position at NØLSON. He plays a crucial role in developing growth strategies and expanding the customer base within the company. Janne has a background in marketing and sales. At NØLSON, he is responsible for marketing and sales, as well as developing and implementing strategies to promote the company's growth.

“Why not try, dream big”

Robin van Engelenhoven

Robin joined the NØLSON team in 2022 and holds the position of "Head of Content Creation." He is responsible for creating visual content for the NØLSON website, social media channels, and marketing campaigns. He is tasked with generating and executing creative ideas that align with NØLSON's vision and mission. Robin has a background in graphic design, enabling him to create visually appealing and impactful content.

“Translating emotion into visuals, so the visuals resonate with emotion.”


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Are you looking for an internship opportunity in a rapidly growing clothing company? Send an email with your CV to info@nolson.nl and become our new colleague!

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