Washing & Caring

Washing and caring for your NØLSON product

We are well aware that not all men are heroes with finding the right washing program on the washing machine. We have worked out 3 steps to avoid problems.


Call your mother.


Go to the dry cleaners.



Read this page carefully to become a king in the laundry room.

The first 2 steps were of course a joke, but we at NØLSON think it is very important that you know how to take care of your products in a sustainable and responsible way.

How do I wash and care for my NØLSON shirt or polo?

Never wash your shirt or polo at a warmer temperature than 30 degrees or with a wash cycle that is 30 degrees or hotter. This is better for the environment and even better for your shirt or polo. Furthermore, we suggest to never put your shirt or polo in the dryer, because this can result in damage and shrinkage of the fabric.

Do you want to dry your shirt or polo in the right way? Then hang the shirt damp on a hanger and wait for it to dry completely. By hanging the shirt on the hanger it also reduces ironing.

All our shirts or polo shirts can be ironed, however, we suggest to always iron our dark blue models from the inside of the shirt. This way you ensure that the fabric and color are not affected by the iron.

How do I wash and care for my sweater?


Our Merino wool sweater requires a more precise technique.

To begin with: don't wash the merino, but hang it out on a hanger. Wool cleans itself and therefore you do not need to wash it every time. If you are going to wash it anyway, we advise the following steps.

Only use a hand wash or a wool program that you are confident with on your washing machine. To prevent the sweater from losing its shape, we advise you to lay it flat on something to dry. NEVER hang a wet sweater on a hanger, as this will increase the length of your sweater by a few centimeters.


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