High Quality Products

Because only the best survive!

Our self-sourced NØLSON shirts are made from a wide variety of raw materials. The fabrics that we are using at NØLSON are made from premium natural fabrics. We partnered up with a specialized fabric partner that has over 65 years of experience in trading and producing high quality fabrics. The fabrics that we are using contain 100% cotton, mixed cotton and linen and mixed cotton and synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

Because our production & design team sources the fabrics directly from our manufacturing partners, our brand can guarantee the highest standard of quality.

We donate €1 per order to Regreener!

Nølson works together with Regreener. Regreener offers the opportunity to fight climate change by compensating carbon emissions. This happens through tree planting, protecting rainforests and supporting green projects. Compensate the purchase of your NØLSON products by selecting: *shipping without giftbox and we donate €1,- to Regreener!

Care for our people

Because everybody deserves a better world to live in!

At NØLSON we think everyone deserves to feel and look good everyday, without thinking about the consequences of how their shirt is made. Every NØLSON buyer can trust the process of production of each shirt, without choosing between a sustainable and a non-sustainable shirt.


In the beginning of 2016 we decided to follow our dream in creating high quality shirts for a fair price. In order to turn our dream into reality we traveled towards Shanghai, China. After long days of searching throughout the city of Shanghai our founder Nicolaas met his business partner and friend Damon. This was the beginning of a true relationship between Nicolaas and Damon. Because Nicolaas and Damon have the same age and goal it was the perfect match. Our vision and mission at NØLSON Shirts was to create a long-term partnership in which Damon and his family owned business could grow together.

To make sure that we are creating a better tomorrow in the fashion industry, we both believe it should start in creating a strong and fair business relationship. We can trust on Damon his high standard production quality and fair production circumstances while Damon can trust on our ability to pay fair wages while growing simultaneously and enhancing business growth. We believe that the most important aspect of sustainability is the relationship between all stake-holders within the whole supply chain. Trust, fair production and paying fair production wages and prices inevitably create fair production circumstances in which everybody benefits.

The production team at NØLSON makes sure that all their finished products are made in a sustainable and fair production environment. We are maintaining the fact that semi-manufacturers have to be a part of this as well. This means that our production team at NØLSON shirts constantly takes the responsibility to check and control all production circumstances. From an environmental perspective to a people perspective

Efficient Production & Sourcing

Because buying green means producing green!

Real sustainability starts here! The production process is the beginning of a sustainable business. We are constantly innovating and raising the bar within efficient buying and production. Our production and buying team are using state of the art data driven systems in order to monitor and control the buying and production process. The use of these data driven systems allows our company to track growth and sales in order to make precise order estimates. In this way we can ensure that every single shirt that we manufacture reaches a happy customer.

We do believe that sustainability can’t be explained in one word. At NØLSON shirts we believe in a mixture of elements and strategy. We do not believe in seasonal collections and waste. Our vision: “Every shirt that we produce should be enjoyed by a happy customer”. Because our design team creates never out of stockcollections we have the ability to efficiently buy the highest quality products in the right quantities. This means we have no waste and no seasonal sale. Due to this strategy we can afford to pay higher wages for production partners and pay premium prices for raw materials while obtaining a healthy business.

NO overproduction means NO waste!

Environmental Responsibility

Because there is no plan(et) B!

As a company we believe we have the responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. In order to protect our products from bacteria, humidity and damage we do need to package our products to a certain standard. However we found a way to decrease our environmental footprint by reducing the use of plastics and paper in order to create a better world. To reduce our use of natural sources such as plastics and paper we have partnered up with a packaging supplier that ensures all their wooden materials such as paper & carton boxes are 100% FSC certified and or 100% FSC recycled


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Only the best quality

All our products are made with love & care from premium quality fabrics!


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The NØLSON brand was established in the beginning of 2016. We have created the perfect shirt for the creators of this generation. All our products are hand-made with love and care in the NØLSON atelier. Our mission to create the perfect shirt began with combining traditional craftsmanship with a modern and clean Swedish design. This amazing combination has resulted in a shirt made of the finest cotton fabrics, exceptional craftsmanship and pure design.

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