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The NØLSON Jacket

NØLSON offers one type of jacket: the Fjer Down Jacket. Within the range of NØLSON jackets, it is essential that the jackets are stylish, provide comfort, and withstand various weather conditions. With this jacket, you can brave any weather in style.

The History of the Down Jacket

The history of the down jacket dates back to the early 20th century. It was Eddie Bauer, an American outdoor enthusiast and entrepreneur, who introduced the first down jacket into production in 1936. He designed the jacket after nearly dying from hypothermia during a fishing trip in the mountains. The jacket was filled with white goose down and was revolutionary because it not only provided warmth but was also lightweight. Over time, the down jacket became increasingly popular, especially among mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts, due to its excellent insulation properties and portability. Today, down jackets are not only popular among nature lovers but are also widely worn in urban areas as a fashionable item.


Fjer Down Jacket

Currently, within the NØLSON range, the Fjer Down Jacket is the only item available. This jacket is stylish, comfortable, and weather-resistant.


Down Material

The Fjer Down Jacket has a “90% down, 10% feathers” filling ratio. The 90% down indicates that the majority of the filling material consists of fine bird down, while the remaining 10% consists of larger and more robust feathers from the same birds. The use of down in the Fjer Down Jacket has advantages because it is an excellent insulator that retains heat without adding extra weight. Additionally, down is highly resilient, meaning it can be compressed for storage and easily regain its original shape when unpacked. Adding feathers to the filling material increases the durability and stability of the jacket. Overall, the combination of down and feathers in the Fjer Down Jacket provides a balanced ratio of insulation and structure, making it an excellent choice for colder temperatures and outdoor activities.

Jacket Material

The jacket is made of 100% Polyamide Softshell exterior. This refers to the material from which the exterior of the Fjer Down Jacket is made. Polyamide, also known as nylon, is a synthetic material known for its durability, water resistance, and lightweight properties. The softshell finish means that the material is designed to feel soft and comfortable while still being sturdy enough to protect the wearer from wind and light rain. The exterior of the Fjer Down Jacket made of 100% Polyamide Softshell also makes it easy to maintain and clean. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, or camping, where protection against the elements and easy maintenance are important. Additionally, the lightweight contributes to the overall wearing comfort of the jacket, allowing the wearer to move easily without being hindered by excessive weight.


The jacket has 2 interior and 2 exterior pockets. The jacket is designed with two pockets on the inside and two pockets on the outside, providing ample storage space for personal belongings and accessories. The exterior pockets are convenient for storing items such as gloves, mobile phones, or wallets, while the inner pockets can be useful for storing items such as keys, money, or passports. The pockets are strategically placed to be easily accessible and not get in the way when wearing the jacket. Overall, the four pockets of the Fjer down jacket offer sufficient space to securely and conveniently store personal belongings.


An important specification of the jacket is the YKK zipper. This is a high-quality zipper that is easy to open and close. The zipper is sturdy and long-lasting, making the jacket a durable choice. Additionally, the front zipper gives the jacket a sporty touch, making it suitable for casual occasions.

Built-in Storage Bag

Inside the jacket, there is a built-in storage bag. The built-in storage bag is a small pocket sewn into the jacket where the jacket can be stored when not being worn. This allows the jacket to be easily packed in a suitcase or bag without taking up much space. The storage bag is usually made of the same material as the jacket and can be closed with a zipper or Velcro to ensure the jacket remains securely stored. This feature is especially useful for people who travel frequently or take the jacket along during outdoor activities, as it allows for easy and compact storage without occupying much extra luggage space. Overall, the built-in storage bag of the Fjer down jacket makes it a practical and convenient choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and functional down jacket.


The jacket also features a plush collar. The collar of the jacket is lined with a soft and comfortable material that feels like velvet. This provides a pleasant sensation for the wearer and prevents chafing or irritation around the neck and chin. The plush collar also ensures that the jacket does not rub against the wearer’s skin, contributing to better wearing comfort. Additionally, the soft and plush material of the collar adds a touch of luxury to the jacket, making it even more comfortable and appealing to wear. Overall, the plush collar of the Fjer down jacket makes it a high-quality garment that combines style and comfort to provide the wearer with the best possible experience.

NØLSON Heat Control Technology

The NØLSON jacket features our own Heat Control Technology. This is an advanced technology designed to regulate and retain the wearer’s body heat, providing a comfortable and warm experience in cold weather conditions. The technology utilizes high-quality materials and smart design elements to trap the body’s heat and prevent it from escaping, while also dissipating excess heat when needed. This means that the wearer stays warm and comfortable without becoming overheated or stuffy. The NØLSON Heat Control Technology is an innovative feature that sets the Fjer down jacket apart from other down jackets in the market and makes it an ideal choice for men who enjoy being outdoors and require protection against extreme weather conditions.

Shipping and Returns

At NØLSON, you can take advantage of various benefits when it comes to shipping and returns. For example, we offer free shipping for orders over €80,-, and for those who live nearby, there is also the option for free Click & Pick-Up at our physical store. If, unfortunately, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can make use of our free 30-day returns at our physical store. For returns by mail within the Netherlands, we only charge €2.99. The delivery time within the Netherlands is 2-3 working days, and NØLSON also offers worldwide shipping. This is how we aim to make online shopping as easy and appealing as possible for our customers.
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