The Ultimate Polo

Here at NØLSON, we started a quest in search of the perfect combination of style and comfort without making compromises. The result: our ultimate Polo. The long sleeve polo is made out of a premium piqué fabric which gives it a super comfortable feel. Because of the iconic cut-away collar and the famous NØLSON slim-fit, the Polo will make you look super sharp. Therefore, you can wear the Polo for any occasion which makes it an absolute must-have!

The Fabric

The polo is made out of 100% piqué cotton, which makes the fabric feel soft and smooth against the skin. Piqué is a knitting pattern that causes the fabric to be slightly firmer and thicker than regular knitted cotton, but still remains light and airy while wearing This firm knitting technique makes sure the Polo needs no ironing and remains its sleek slim-fit. The Polo is very low-maintenance because the piqué is easy to wash. We’ve also made sure the Polo’s are pre-washed, so they won’t shrink!

The Options

The long sleeve polo comes in four colorways: Sky Blue, White, Grey and Navy. The Sky Blue is a light blue colorway that makes every man look sharp and fresh, just like the versatile White Polo that can be combined with every outfit. For a more day-to-day outfit you could go for the Grey Polo, or create a nice contrasting look with the Navy Polo. Every color offers numerous possible outfit-combinations, which makes the Polo a fashionable choice for every occasion. All polo’s share the same NØLSON slim-fit which provides a sporty and sleek fit/ This is why the Polo is the perfect piece of clothing.

How To Wear

The cut-away collar and the stiffened sleeve ends make it possible to wear your Polo either casual or formal. Tuck in your polo and combine it with a blazer for a more formal office-look, or wear your Polo loose combined with some smart trousers. Pick your favorite pair of fine-looking loafers to complete the formal look or go for a pair of simplistic sneakers to create a casual-smart outfit. You could also wear your polo with a pair of jeans for a stylish casual look. Combined with some trendy sneakers you will look super sharp! Is it a hot summer day? Because of the airiness of the piqué fabric our ultimate Polo is ideal for warmer temperatures. Roll up your sleeves, open up an extra button and combine your Polo with a pair of shorts. Go for a pair of flip-flops, some slip-ons or your favorite sneakers and you’re ready to go! –