The SUNDRE-collection, the perfect slim-fit linen shirt

Sunshine, the beach and the terraces… Life is better when it’s summer! Nothing beats sunny days at the beach and sultry summer nights. Whether you’re strolling through the city or enjoying life on a boat, reason enough to get dressed in a nice and clean shirt. That’s why we at NØLSON have created the perfect shirt for this summer. Our ideal linen-cotton ratio that is made up out of 30 % linen and 70% cotton provides all advantages of a linen shirt without losing its sharp fit. The linen makes the shirt light and comfortable to wear with warmer temperatures, while the cotton ensures the shirt maintains its sharp slim-fit and feels comfortable to the skin. The perfect answer to a hot summer!

The linen slim-fit shirts that make up the SUNDRE collection come in six different colorways: White, Light Blue, Marina (striped), Blueberry, Nori Green and Navy. All of which stylish choices for any occasion, that will make your suntanned skin stand out this summer. To help you style your favorite linen SUNDRE shirt, we’ll tell you all about NØLSON’s favorite summer spots to inspire you in styling your perfect summer-outfit.

Home sweet home. If there is one thing we have learned to appreciate last year, it’s domestic vacations. That’s why we love to enjoy our summer holiday at the hotspots on the Dutch coastline. Strolling down the beach, enjoying the sound of the waves and feeling the sea breeze on your face. Dressed in your SUNDRE Blue shirt you feel the wind breezing through your shirt, keeping you nice and cool. Finish your look with some shorts or swimming trunks and hold year sneakers in your hand so you can enjoy the sand between your toes. Stylish enjoyment has never been this easy before!

Are you more into trips overseas? So are we. What could ever beat floating (or racing) across the most beautiful Italian lakes? As a true shipmaster you dress yourself in the SUNDRE Marina shirt combined with some shorts, swimming trunks, pants or whatever else you feel like! With a SUNDRE shirt, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, you could also spoil yourself by visiting the nicest beachclubs in Saint-Tropez or Mallorca. Go and live the dream. Dress up in your slim-fit SUNDRE Navy shirt with a light-colored pair of pants and some slick loafers, or keep it casual and go for some trendy sneakers. Wearing your dark blue shirt, you’re the man! All that’s left is ordering yourself a nice cocktail, sit back and enjoy life.

But the perfect summer wouldn’t be complete without a great party every once in a while. Are you a party animal that prefers the nightlife in Ibiza over a Netflix and chill evening? With the SUNDRE Nori shirt you will be the best-dressed guy in the club. The light and airy slim-fit shirt makes you look super stylish and allows you to feel comfortable throughout the night. It will be an unforgettable summer.