The evolution of the men’s polo over the years: from sport to fashion trend

The polo shirt for men, an indispensable classic in the wardrobe of every modern man, is a garment with a fascinating origin and history of development. Although almost every man has worn a polo at some point, the question remains: where does this iconic piece of clothing actually come from?

The men’s polo shirt

The polo for men has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years, transforming from a sporty garment to an iconic fashion trend. Originally designed as a practical and functional outfit for polo and tennis players, the polo has found its way into the hearts and wardrobes of men worldwide. With its distinctive collar, short or long sleeves, and button closure, the men’s polo has become a timeless piece that exudes both elegance and relaxation. This transformation from sportswear to a fashionable item attests to the fashion industry’s ability to embrace iconic garments and adapt them to the changing tastes and styles of different generations.

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The evolution timeline of the polo shirt


The men’s polo is introduced as a functional garment for polo and tennis players. It is made of breathable fabrics like cotton and features a collar, short or long sleeves, and a button closure.


The men’s polo gains popularity in the fashion world and transitioned from sports fields to everyday life. It is associated with a relaxed and elegant lifestyle worn by celebrities like golf legend Arnold Palmer.


The men’s polo reaches its peak as a fashion trend. It becomes a distinctive garment of the preppy style, popular among university students and the upper class. Brands like Ralph Lauren bring the polo to the mainstream audience.


The men’s polo remains a fashionable choice, but the style has evolved. Slim-fit polos become popular, and the fit becomes tighter. It is combined with other casual garments, such as jeans and sneakers, for a more contemporary look.


The polo shirt retains its status as a timeless garment. In addition to the classic piqué polo, new variations are introduced, such as printed polos, technical fabrics, and modern details. It is worn on various occasions, from casual to semi-formal, and remains a versatile item in the men’s wardrobe.

The evolution of the men’s polo testifies to its ability to remain relevant over the years, adapting to changing styles and needs while maintaining its distinctive style and versatility.

The polo shirt “then”

Het polo shirt vindt zijn oorsprong in de sportwereld, waar het ontworpen werd als een functioneel en praktisch kledingstuk voor polo- en tennisspelers. De polo kreeg zijn naam van de “sport polo”, die in de 19e eeuw populair werd bij de Britse elites. Polo spelers hadden behoefte aan een kledingstuk dat hen comfort en bewegingsvrijheid bood tijdens het spel. Maar ook moest het geschikt zijn voor de formele omgeving waarin de sport werd beoefend. Het polo shirt was de perfecte oplossing. De polo was gemaakt van ademende stoffen zoals katoen, wat de spelers koel hield tijdens inspannende wedstrijden. De polo had een kraag die omhoog kon worden gezet om de nek te beschermen tegen de zon. Verder had de polo korte mouwen om de armen vrij te laten bewegen en een knoopsluiting aan de voorkant. Na verloop van tijd werd het polo shirt niet alleen geassocieerd met de sport zelf, maar ook met de elegante en ontspannen levensstijl die ermee geassocieerd werd.

The polo shirt “now”

The polo shirt originated in the world of sports, where it was designed as a functional and practical garment for polo and tennis players. The polo derived its name from the “sport polo,” which became popular among the British elites in the 19th century. Polo players needed a garment that provided them with comfort and freedom of movement during the game. However, it also had to be suitable for the formal environment in which the sport was practiced. The polo shirt was the perfect solution. The polo was made of breathable fabrics like cotton, keeping the players cool during strenuous matches. It had a collar that could be raised to protect the neck from the sun. Additionally, the polo had short sleeves to allow the arms to move freely and a button closure at the front. Over time, the polo shirt became associated not only with the sport itself but also with the elegant and relaxed lifestyle that was associated with it.

In 2020, the brand NØLSON introduced its own polo for men to the market

In 2020, the brand NØLSON made a striking innovation by introducing its own version of the men’s polo. This version features long sleeves. With this addition to their collection, NØLSON responded to the demand for a more versatile and seasonal alternative to the traditional polo. The long-sleeved polo shirt offered men the opportunity to experience the same stylish appearance and comfort while being suitable for colder weather conditions and cool summer days and evenings. This new variation retained the signature collar and button closure of the polo but added long sleeves for extra warmth and a contemporary twist. NØLSON’s long-sleeved polo shirt quickly became a favorite among men who were looking for a versatile and fashionable addition to their wardrobe.

Our long-sleeved polo for men adds a NØLSON twist to the original.

The polo shirt features a longer bottom hem, making it suitable for any occasion. Wear the polo tucked into your pants for a formal style or leave it untucked for a more casual outfit. Additionally, the NØLSON polo is equipped with cufflinks, adding an elegant and stylish touch. This ensures that the sleeves always fit perfectly and do not stretch out or lose their shape over time, unlike regular polo shirts. Another advantage of NØLSON polo shirts is that they are shrink-resistant. The shirts are pre-washed and will remain in perfect condition when washed at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

Discover the versatility and comfort of our long-sleeved polo and enjoy this stylish product at any time!

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