The added value of a men’s shirt!

A men’s shirt is not just a piece of clothing; it is a valuable addition to every man’s wardrobe. It not only provides a stylish and polished appearance, but it also offers undeniable value that goes beyond mere external beauty. Whether it’s formal occasions, business meetings, or casual encounters, a well-chosen and well-fitted men’s shirt can boost confidence, make a professional impression, and convey a sense of style and maturity. Learn more about the many benefits and added value of a men’s shirt, and why it is an essential garment that every man should have in his closet.

men's shirtBenefits of a men’s shirt

There are several benefits associated with wearing a men’s shirt. Here are some of the key advantages:

Stylish Appearance

A men’s shirt instantly provides a neat and stylish appearance. It is a versatile garment that can be worn both formally and casually, depending on the occasion.

Professional Look

In business and formal environments, wearing a men’s shirt contributes to a professional appearance. It exudes neatness and attention to detail, which can be crucial in professional situations.


While men’s shirts often have a formal look, they can still be comfortable to wear. Opt for shirts made from high-quality materials like cotton or linen, which are breathable and gentle on the skin.

Expression of Personal Style

Men’s shirts offer the opportunity to express your personal style. You can choose from different collar styles, cuffs, prints, and details to find a shirt that matches your taste and personality.


High-quality men’s shirts often have a long lifespan, especially when well cared for. Investing in a well-made shirt can be a sustainable choice in the long run.

Wearing a men’s shirt not only provides a neat and stylish appearance but also offers comfort, versatility, and the opportunity to express your personal style.

This kind of shirt is a men’s essential

A shirt is an essential item for men for several reasons:


A shirt is an incredibly versatile garment suitable for different occasions. It can be worn for formal events such as business meetings, job interviews, and formal gatherings, as well as for informal occasions like casual outings or dinners. This makes it an essential item that can be used for various situations.

Professional Look

A well-fitted shirt gives a professional appearance and contributes to a well-groomed and neat look. In business environments, wearing a shirt is often required and can enhance your credibility and professionalism.

Personal Style

Shirts are available in different styles, colors, patterns, and materials, allowing you to express your personal style. Whether you choose a classic white shirt, a bold print, or a trendy slim-fit model, you can find a shirt that suits your individual taste and preferences.

Timeless Classic

Shirts are timeless classics in men’s fashion and have enduring relevance. They are worth investing in because they don’t go out of style quickly and can last for years. By opting for high-quality shirts and taking good care of them, you can enjoy them for a long time.

Occasions for a men’s shirt

Men wear shirts in various places and occasions. A common location where shirts are worn is at work. Whether it’s in formal office environments or more casual work cultures, a well-fitting shirt contributes to a professional appearance and shows that you pay attention to your appearance. Additionally, shirts are also frequently worn during formal events such as business meetings, conferences, weddings, and galas. A shirt provides a neat and elegant look, allowing you to appear confident and stylish. Moreover, shirts can also be worn in more informal settings, such as for a dinner, a night out, or a social gathering. In short, shirts are suitable for different occasions and contribute to a well-groomed and versatile style for men.

Combining a men’s shirt

A men’s shirt offers numerous possibilities for combining, including with a quarter-zip sweater or a crewneck. Combining a shirt with a quarter-zip sweater is an excellent choice for a stylish yet casual look. The zipper on the collar of the sweater adds a contemporary accent and allows you to adjust the style according to the situation. For example, you can combine a solid white shirt with a dark blue quarter-zip sweater for a classic and refined appearance. For a more relaxed and informal look, a shirt can also be combined with a crewneck, a sweater with a round neckline. Choose a contrasting color or pattern for the sweater to create an interesting visual contrast. For instance, a striped shirt combined with a solid crewneck sweater adds a touch of playfulness to your outfit. By combining a men’s shirt with a quarter-zip sweater or a crewneck, you can effortlessly create a versatile and fashionable look for different occasions.

The men’s shirt by NØLSON

NØLSON offers a wide range of men’s shirts, including linen shirts, cutaway shirts, and button-down shirts. Linen shirts are perfect for hot summer days, thanks to their breathable and lightweight material. They provide a relaxed and casual look while remaining stylish and refined. Cutaway shirts have a wider collar, making them ideal for formal occasions or for men who want to create a bolder and more fashionable look. The cutaway collar adds a contemporary element to the shirt and allows for wearing ties in different knots. Button-down shirts are classics that are both versatile and timeless. The buttons on the collar keep the collar in place and provide a tidy and polished look. They can be worn both formally and informally, depending on the occasion. The range of men’s shirts by NØLSON offers something for everyone.

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